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UploadOnce helps you collect, store and manage client documents securely in your own private cloud because decision makers are on the go.

Use a better process. Use templates to collect documents.

Tailor the smart templates to request all the documents you need in your first meeting with your client
Cut down on paperwork, and demonstrate compliance to ease the pain of audits.
Get the right documents faster and do business on the go because decision makers are on the go.

Securely store & re-use documents

No more lost documents. Get peace of mind knowing the password-protected documents are conveniently named at upload for easy access and stored in Australia.
Each client is assigned their own digital folder, so they can re-use documents at the click of a button. This will assist your clients purchasing multiple products or services.

Manage document collection. Close faster. Get paid faster.

Your client doesn’t have all the documents?
No problem.
UploadOnce can ask third parties like real estate agents or accountants to upload documents to the client's digital folder to help finalise the application faster – so you can get paid faster!

Manage approvals. Do more business.

Submit documents instantly to multiple approvers or business partners to upsell, cross-sell and reduce turnaround time for your client.
For example, as a mortgage broker, you can select documents to provide your deposit bond or insurance business partners directly from UploadOnce.

Convert faster. Do more business.

Better processes so you come across prepared and professional.
Use smart templates to get the right document faster and use our handy dashboard to locate documents and answer questions on the go.


UploadOnce helps you collect, store and manage client documents securely in your own private cloud.



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