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Collect, store and manage employer and candidate documents securely in your private cloud

Drowning in paperwork stops here.
Place candidates faster.

UploadOnce helps you collect, store and manage documents from employers and candidates securely in your own private cloud.

Create templates to centralise document requests

Create templates to centralise the request of documents and to provide onboarding information and inductions from prospective employers or candidates.

No more lost documents. Better processes.

Store documents in a logical manner to get peace of mind. Each candidate gets a digital folder so they can resupply documents quickly when you place them in a new role.

Collect documents faster. Place candidates faster.

Your candidate doesn’t have all the documents? No problem. UploadOnce can request third parties to upload files and help you cut down on the time spent chasing documents like transcriptions and permissions for police checks.

Manage approvals better. Place more candidates.

Submit documents instantly to multiple HR approvers or business partners. Instantly receive and supply important information like working with children or police checks to the relevant parties – place the right candidates faster.

Place more candidates with less paperwork

Always be prepared and professional.
Use our handy dashboard to locate documents and answer questions on the go.


UploadOnce helps you collect, store and manage client documents securely in your own private cloud.



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