Better process

  • Add collaborators to get assistance completing tasks or have someone else complete tasks when you are not available
  • UploadOnce can request third parties to upload files and help you cut down on the time spent chasing documents.

Better communications

  • Templates to simplify requests for documents and make it easy for your clients to provide the right documents.
  • Communicate with clients, collaborators and third party information providers to cut response time 
  • Submit documents to multiple internal or external approvers or business partners instantly to upsell, cross-sell and reduce turnaround time for your client
  • Dashboard to manage progress and proactively help clients supply documents

Better business

  • Store documents in Australia to do business in the go
  • Password-protected documents are conveniently named at upload for easy access. 
  • Each client is assigned their own digital folder so they can re-use documents at will to cut administration
  • Instantly allocate and reallocate open tasks and responsibility for clients as your team evolves
  • Tailor the solution and reports so they meet your specific business needs

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